Ancient Ritual

by Frozen Forest

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released May 13, 2016



all rights reserved


Frozen Forest Zagreb, Croatia

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Track Name: Spider Cures Fever
Devour the hermafrodite God
And wolf's seal from dragons eye
You'll make gold at will
Strange jewels of the underground

Lust for wisdom
Beyond human limits
By means of the ancient art
Penetrate the glow of the Sun
And secrets of the quicksilver

The seeds of Luna
In the caverns of Venus
A key to open
The waters of Mercury
From the burning coals of Moon
The masters knew
The spider cures fever

The seven adepts
Lived for thousand years
The lotus eaters,
Servants of supreme fire
Over chrystalized circles
They can fly
And practice quietness
In clarity of light

The storm of persecutions
Bred Demons
But the wandering master of sages
Cannot be destroyed

Nine heavens and nine earths
Within the reach of the dying man
Unity of light and dark
Riddle of Maranatha
The secrets are burried
At Saint Jacques la Boucherie

The seeds of Luna
In the caverns of Venus
A key to open
The waters of Mercury
From the burning coals of Moon
The masters knew...
Track Name: Devil's Grin Retaliation
You'll reap the seeds of violence
Slaughter obsolete orgasmic frost

The courage to be yourself
Remote forever in subhuman metropolis

Pain chords shiver
Radiating sins
Black ice verses
You cannot comprehend

Opium nightmare
Rejuvenation vibrancy
Take me hostage
But make no mistake
I speak of beauty

Fucked up deadhead corporate rape
Full of nothing go fuck yourself

Let this freak show go down the drain
Sinister funeral in narcotic domain

Salute the whores
Gather the flies
Your God will never shine
In untouchable nightfall

Black mass demoniac
Insect saviours beckoning
Daydream isolation
It's Devil's grin retaliation

On border of my dreams
Heavy gloom hunts me
So gather the shadows
For the one who doesn't hurt
You worn out shamans
It's hurricane whirlwind
It's Devil's grin retaliation
Into the metal and I'm breathless
Track Name: Glorious Sun
Thrones of blood
Built on hate of delusional faith
Deviant logic of the masses
Anxiety and depression
Jehovah mind possession

Imperious Christ
In the centre of history
Expanding power of radical leaders
Religious fascists under banner of God

I don't believe
In followers of Jesus
I don't believe
In bride of Christ
I don't trust
The new Jerusalem
I don't need
The body of Christ

Don't claim to rule me on behalf of divine
I don't believe you have connection with God
State ruled by clergy is perverted and vile
A nation governed by the biblical laws

Don't need your God
I never did
Your social values, moral panic
Your Jesus
Brings anxiety to me
A social tension
I can barely endure

I took my journey without the faithful
My inner strenght, my own authonomy

With the wonders He works
The fire He burns
Rejoicing in torment of Glorious Sun
Track Name: Cold Light Oblivion
Under the gaze
Of the one who hates forever
And the oblivion
Of unholy eyes
Sulphur army marches
Under banner of darkness

Spiritual children of demons
Are breaking the bonds
Of the triune God
Eons of sadness
In lies of the angels
Infinite knowledge of the snake
In the breath of the dying God
Diabolus aetrnium!

Marvelous Black Host
Of faithful demon defenders
Obeying the order
Of the cold light

Violent slaughter
Of heavenly powers
Corruptible flesh of nuns
Hanging from their swords

What they're made of
Is flesh and blood of Satan
What they're made of
Is flesh and blood of Satan

In streams of blood
On flames of hell
Total darkness
Total death
Track Name: Claws Of Infinity
In this trap called life
You are like a wounded animal
In this castrated world
Bow to no one! Let your voice to be heard!

To defend the terror and disorder
Non-Human! You are chosen to pass the border

To commit crimes against humanity
Non-Human! You are closer to divinity

To spread hate till everything is gone
Non-Human! You are doomed to walk alone

How would you feel
If there is only your own will
And how would you feel
If there is nothing left to kill

Stone cold heart
Lack of empathy and mercy

May the words of my mouth
And the meditation of my rotting heart
Be abhorrent in your sight
O lord, our false Redeemer
You are sending us on a neverending way to infinity
Where we'll all prey for the end!
Track Name: Isola Dei Morti
Dark waters
Of the dead calm sea
Under ancient tombs
And cypress trees

A boat arrives
At Toteninsel
With a looming sorrow
Of a mourning widow

Five dead children
On the grave of Mary
Woman and the rover
Tightly wrapped in white

To overwhelm this misfortune
And reject the ancient methods
Learn the Art of separation
Of heavenly eternity and earthly weakness

Light and darkness
Separated and divided in His workshop
As day and night proves
Existing by itself

To live and flourish
With mysteries of nature
One with Earth, Heaven, Air and Fire
The mind is free
The mind is free
In Toteninsel
Track Name: Wisdom Of The Accuser
Trapped in a void
Of my own delusions
With burden of Satan
To overcome darkness

Deliberatly trying
To make it more harder
The weight of the Black One
Hanging in balance
With earthly redemption

My shield over Heaven
My sword against priest
My knife against world
My word against Mother
My lies against Father

Trapped in a Void
And taught by the Devil
Inhaling His breath
Learning His wisdom

Religion is worthless
'Cause blood of the priest
Is poison of Jesus
And even the child in the corner
With morbid opsessions
And pain of rejection
Knows that the embrace of the virgin
Is lifeless and cold

In the eye of God
There's promise of Satan
Track Name: Evil Metal
We're attacking from below
Full of cuts and bruises
Maze of metal madness
And winter in our eyes

Repugnant noise
Of evil metal
Will delute your blood
And rip your heart

Strings of Satan
Breaking the illusion of freedom
Devil's machinery
Burning pearls of hatred

Evil metal
Flaming Black smoke
Evil metal
Retributive poison

Menstrual impurity of catholic daughters
Oozing from the crucifixes on concrete walls
Tranqulised mothers and braindead fathers
Prayers of devotion under blackened sky

Evil metal
Flaming Black smoke
Evil metal
Retributive poison
Track Name: Endless Cloud
Beautiful raven robs the life neverending
Lucifer flows, enduring the storms
Below the sunsets of corpsefire

Surrogate dreams, morphine symphonies
Lucifer flows, Endless Cloud of flesh and digits
Poisonous and rancid

Zion devastator
Monarch uncontained

Hidden ways will bring him home
To silent waters of dormant passions
Black smoke ravens and dying suns

There is life and Lucifer flows
Journey unfolds before he falls
Yielding beauty and tragic rapture

And when all scientists are dead
We'll all be battle bled
With wrath of the wolves
Until the last sword

He'll stroke the planets, wrap the oceans
Blazing fire inside the ancient one
Pure serene delusional madness

Fire breathing Satan
In ozone arctic embryo

Ocean eyes, words of paradise
Shoot them all one by one
Ocean eyes, words of paradise
Shoot them all one by.....